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We want our clients to be satisfied with any services you purchase from us. We support this by making most of our campaigns easily manageable with flexible month-to-month, cancel at any time terms. 

AMW will provide a refund in the following cases:

Technical error:
The user must provide either the unsubscription confirmation reference number, or forward the unsubscription confirmation email to show that the user unsubscribed before (not on or after) the renewal date on file for the service in question.

Stolen credit cards:
The user will need to provide proof of ID and forward specific details on the transaction date, time and amount.

Refund Policy FAQ

If I forget to cancel before my renewal date, can I get a refund?
No. Our subscriptions are self-managed, and you can cancel at any point in time during the billing period within the Client dashboard (Billing Menu > Subscriptions > Orders), or use this guide for step by step directions. There is an unsubscribe link for each service, and the user is provided with a confirmation number and email when the process is complete so that they know it completed.

I didn't authorize a recurring transaction, can I get a refund?
AMW does not, as a rule, provide refunds for users who believe the service is non-recurring, as fees and recurring payments are outlined in the service's Terms and Conditions, and explicitly called out during the checkout process.

If I forgot to unsubscribe, can you provide a store credit for future usage?
Yes, if you reach out to us right away, we can add a credit to your user profile that can be used at a later time. 

I ordered something but don't need the service right now, can I get store credit for future use?
Yes, just let us before we start working on it and we will assist with the process.

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