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How can I manage my subscription
How can I manage my subscription

Learn how to manage your campaign subscription

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PayPal Users

PayPal subscribers can cancel their subscription via their own PayPal account.
Go to Settings via the top right icon. Select Payments on the sub menu and manage automatic payments. Find the subscription you would like to cancel from the list. Click Cancel on the following page. Verify by checking your email confirmation.

Credit Card Users
For most credit card users (starting in 2020) you can manage your own subscription, cancel prior to renewal, etc. directly in the client dashboard.

Go to the left menu and select the Orders page. Then, click on the order number you wish to manage and find the Cancel subscription link below pictured below. Once you receive an email confirmation the subscription has been canceled.

Manual Invoices
For our clients with manual fixed or recurring invoices sent via our CRM. Reach out to your representative in the client dashboard to get assistance with managing your subscription.

Billing Portal Users
For larger campaign clients. Use the link below to sign-up and access your billing portal account:

Billing Portal

Cancel Subscription

  • Go to Subscription

  • Cancel renewal of Subscription

Update Payment Method

  • Go to Payment Method Information

  • Click edit and update to new preferred billing method.

For billing-related questions please contact: billing [a]

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