1. Who is the Digital Boost Campaign for?
The Digital Boost is a starter campaign that provides the foundation needed to start building your brand. The focus includes securing online placements and announcing your project professionally to the world. Digital Boost is perfect for anyone just getting started on their journey to build a great brand.

2. How long should I run the Campaign?
The Campaign is flexible with a month-to-month self-managed subscription. We recommend running the campaign 3 months or more for the best results but we have many clients running 30 days at a time as well.

3. What type of coverage can I expect
Depending on your campaign level 4-8 placements per month is normal. This can be reviews, interviews by phone or email, inclusion in online magazines and the like. We also have contact with playlist curators for Spotify playlist promotion.

4. Can anyone sign up? Do you review all material?
The Digital Boost campaign is available to most clients, a majority of projects will benefit at this early stage. We will however decline projects that don't meet our standards. We review all material in the campaign set up process. Our larger campaigns have even stricter requirements.

5. For Guaranteed Blog Placements, Is there a list of included publications or a selection to realistically expect?
There is no static list, we can guarantee that projects will receive placements based on our track record. We pitch your material to blog outlets that fit your project. These blogs will ultimately make the final decision; we won't be able to predict the outlets ahead of time.

6. Can Major Media targeting be included in the Campaign?
No, major media outlet targeting is not realistic at this campaign level. This requires longer campaign periods (up to a year), a solid foundation already established, higher budgets, and a different campaign type. We only consider a handful of prospects for the higher campaign levels and our team must approve them. Former Digital Boost clients can apply to upgrade their campaigns later, and we will make decisions based on each project.

7. Who is running the campaign, will I have a dedicated publicist?
A dedicated team manages the Digital Boost campaign. You will have an account manager that oversees most communication, and multiple team members will work to complete tasks throughout the campaign period.

8. How will the Campaign be Managed?
Upon project start, you will get access to our online Client Dashboard where you can upload project-related files and links, communicate with the team, and follow the campaign progress.

9. What's the difference between the Basic, Standard Premium Campaign Levels?
Please visit the Digital Boost landing page here for side-by-side comparison on the different campaign levels.

10. What is a Press Release?
A press release is an official news announcement that details the who, what, when, and why of an upcoming milestone. This additional service is included in the Standard and Premium campaign. It shouldn't be confused with the targeted media placements we secure. Visit Press Release FAQ to learn more.

11. How can Social Media Benefit?
The Digital Boost campaign is not a Social Media campaign, we do however encourage outlets to include client's social media profiles in coverage to increase exposure, following, and interaction organically.

12. Will you Verify Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Accounts?
No, verification is something that should happen organically through achieving actual milestones. We recommend staying focused on attaining widespread recognition, and the rest will follow automatically.

13. How do I Manage my Subscription?
You can read about subscription management here.

14. Who are some of your Clients?
Our clients range from independent to major International artists, entrepreneurs, businesses, professionals, and events. For more info check out Our Clients and read Case Studies.

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