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Campaign Communication
Most of our campaign communication happens in our Client dashboard. Our clients can post messages and receive feedback from our team there. We aim to respond quickly or within 24 hours at the latest during business days.

Campaign Timelines

PR work takes time, most of our campaigns are 6-12 months or longer. Our clients must be patient and let the process play out as outlined in our timelines.

Client Participation
Our clients must take an active role in their campaign by providing new project milestones and supporting their publicist in their work. Respond quickly to media requests (within 24 hours) and allow your publicist to work on your campaign without too many distractions.

Short Notice or Late Deliveries

We ask that clients plan and start campaigns well ahead of scheduled announcements. On short notice, our team aims to help clients the best we can. However, the Client’s poor planning, last-minute requests, or delayed deliverables can not become our team member’s emergency.

Phone Calls
Our PR Clients may schedule calls with their publicists to discuss upcoming project milestones in advance. Campaign calls can be scheduled once bi-weekly and are limited to 30 minutes. This allows our publicists to focus on important campaign work, such as outreach and follow-ups.

Campaign Updates

We provide campaign updates on a weekly schedule. New placements will be posted in the client dashboard and your Coverage Book. For more extensive campaigns, we also offer monthly outreach metrics.

Professional Conduct
We expect professional conduct from our clients at all times. Our team members are seasoned professionals, they work hard and communicate professionally. We keep logs of client communication to ensure that our policies are followed.

Placement Guarantees
Some of our PR Campaigns come with a minimum amount of placements per month. The guarantee is based on our track record of securing placements. However, we can not guarantee that a specific media outlet will cover your project.

Note: Our clients must provide publicists with the necessary information within 48 hours of communication and not turn down or reject any of our placement opportunities for the guarantee to apply.

Client Expectations

We see a fair amount of unrealistic expectations from clients. PR services are only part of the marketing mix required to build a brand. The biggest brands in the world started from scratch and built themselves up over the years and often decades. We encourage our clients to be realistic about their goals and timelines. We’re here to assist you on the journey to get you there.

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