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SoundCloud Promotion FAQs
SoundCloud Promotion FAQs

Information about our SoundCloud campaigns

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How does the SoundCloud promotion work?
The SoundCloud promotion is primarily focused on building brand awareness via plays in the SoundCloud platform. We target genre-specific and highly-engaged listeners, then drive them to the track for organic exposure. We recommend running the campaign over several months to achieve the best results.

When is the best time to start the promotion?
You can start our SoundCloud promotion at any time after a song is published on SoundCloud.

How many songs can I promote?
We focus on one milestone (one single) per campaign period. We can, for example, promote single A in the first month, then single B in the promote month, and so forth. However, many of our clients run two or more promotions at the same time so they can promote multiple tracks simultaneously.

How do I know when my SoundCloud campaign starts?
Our team starts working on the campaign as soon as we receive the project information. It usually takes 24-72 hours before you will start seeing plays. We also provide monthly campaign stats at the end of the campaign period, but additional analytics can be accessed via your SoundCloud account.

How many likes, followers, and comments will my song get?
The campaign focuses primarily on driving traffic to generate plays. We’re unable to control or guarantee likes, interactions, etc., as that would depend largely on the song. We also see different engagement results depending on each project.

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