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RadioPlay Promotion FAQs
RadioPlay Promotion FAQs

Internet radio campaign information

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How does the RadioPlay promotion work?
Our RadioPlay promotion is a great option to get exposed to a large number of listeners worldwide. In the past, this service was reserved for big-budget label campaigns, but we recently opened up for smaller campaigns.

Can you tell me on which internet radio stations my song will get played?
We are unable to tell in advance, but we target most internet radio stations (like Jango, 8tracks, etc.). Each artist is aligned on stations with similar, popular artists and plays your music to their audience.

How do I know when my promotion starts and which internet radio station my song is being played?
Our team starts the targeting process as soon as we receive the project information. Then, at the end of each campaign period, you’ll get a report showing plays and statistics.

How many songs can I promote?
We focus on one milestone (one single) per campaign period. We can, for example, promote single A in the first month, then single B in the promote month, and so forth. However, many of our clients run two or more promotions at the same time so they can promote multiple tracks simultaneously.

How many likes or followers will I get?
The campaign focuses primarily on generating plays or streams. We’re unable to control or guarantee interactions as that would depend largely on the single. We also see different engagement results depending on each project. We recommend running the campaign over several months to achieve the best results.

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