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Video Promotion FAQs

YouTube video promotion information

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How does the video promotion work?
Our YouTube campaign is a great option to get exposed to a large number of YouTubers. In the past, this service was reserved for big-budget label campaigns, but we recently opened up for smaller campaigns. We run targeted ads to get video exposure. We use Google ads only, and our professional ad-team runs the campaigns.

How do I know when my video promotion starts?
Our team starts the video targeting as soon as we receive the project information. It usually takes a few days before you will start seeing views on the video. We also provide monthly campaign stats at the end of the campaign period, but additional analytics can be accessed via your own YouTube dashboard.

How many videos can I promote?
We focus on one milestone (one video) per campaign period. We can, for example, promote video A in the first month, then video B in the promote month, and so forth. However, many of our clients run two or more promotions at the same time so they can promote multiple videos simultaneously.

How many likes, subscribers, and comments will my video get?
The campaign focuses primarily on driving traffic to generate views. We’re unable to control or guarantee likes, interactions, etc., as that would depend largely on the video. We also see different engagement results depending on each project.

Can I promote an explicit video?
All videos are subject to standard content review by the Google network. Recently, they’ve been very strict, and we see declines due to adult content, etc. We recommend promoting a clean version instead to get higher chances of approval.

Can I get a refund if my video gets declined?
Unfortunately, we don’t provide refunds. However, we’d be happy to offer you a store credit as a courtesy. If you would like to switch to a different video or campaign type (playlist promotion, digital boost, etc.), that is possible.

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