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Connecting your accounts (Social Media Management)
Connecting your accounts (Social Media Management)

How to connect your social media accounts

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Connecting your social media accounts is a crucial step in our Social Media Management process. It serves as the foundation for efficient client account management.

This streamlined approach allows us to seamlessly schedule and approve posts within a unified platform. Additionally, it enables us to gain real-time visibility into the content we distribute as part of our social media management campaigns, ensuring a cohesive and coordinated online presence for our clients.

Step 1: Accept the Invite and Create an account. Be sure to save your login details

Step 2: Log into your SocialPilot account.

Step 3: Click on Accounts Menu > Connect Account from the sidebar menu.

(This display will present various profiles, pages, and accounts available for linking to your SocialPilot Dashboard. To connect a specific account, simply select the corresponding link.)

Step 4: You'll need to authenticate each platform, enter your credentials, and grant the necessary access permissions. Choose the pages and groups you want to link from your account. Be sure to accept all permission alerts. SocialPilot needs full access for content publishing, analytics, and inbox management on your pages.

Step 5: Once you click "Connect Account," you will be directed to SocialPilot, where your chosen account, page, or group will be connected. After the connection is established, you'll be redirected to the "Manage Account" page, where you can configure scheduling options at the account level.

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