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1. Which social media platform does this service include?
We are currently supporting Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

2. Do you communicate with my followers, fans, clients or customers within my network?
No, our team members are unable to communicate, respond to or engage with any of the above on your behalf.

3. Does this service increase my following?
This service includes quality content and management of your profiles. We don't specifically focus on gaining followers. We do, however, include growth-focus hashtags in post suggestions to support organic engagement and growth over time.

4. Will you need access to my account information?
You can connect your own accounts via buffer, the approved content will then be posted directly to your profiles. We also have an option to download the content.

5. What does the social media calendar consist of?
The social media dashboard is a tool that consists of the post content and schedule that will be used to plan what content is shared throughout the campaign. All social media calendars and content will be shared and approved by the client prior to scheduling.

6. How many times will you post?
We offer different packages; our Standard campaign covers up to 3 posts per week; while the Premium campaign covers up to 5 posts per week. We also offer customized management services to fit our client’s needs.

7. Will I be able to approve the posts before its published on my social media accounts?
Yes, we require that our clients review and approve all content/posts before we schedule them for publishing.

8. Does the service include the content that goes along with the posts?
We will assist with quality branded posts but request that our clients also provide us with their photos, and any promotional content they would like to integrate into the campaign.

9. What does the reporting include?
We recommend that our clients use Buffer. Their dashboard provides detailed analytics and engagement insights that identify the performance of campaign content.

10. How many accounts can I have managed?
We support up to 4 profiles per brand. For automated postings, 4 profiles require a buffer subscription (approx $240 per year). For more information click here

11. Does this service also include the management of my social media ads?
No, this service only includes the management of the social media content/posts and does not include the management of ads. We don't offer support related to Facebook paid ads as part of the social media management campaign.

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