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Playlist Streaming Promotion FAQ
Playlist Streaming Promotion FAQ

Learn about our playlist promotion campaigns

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1. How many songs can I promote?
The campaign can promote one song per month/campaign period.

2. How long will you promote the song?
We will promote the song starting from when we receive the project questionnaire and for as long as you run the campaign (month-to-month).

3. Can you Guarantee Playlist streams, Followers and Engagement?
Results will always depend on how well your creative work or single perform. Based on our track record we see terrific results for most projects and their quality creative works.

4. How do you promote your playlist stream campaigns?
Our playlist promotion campaigns are powered by advanced artificial intelligence and specific ad techniques developed over years of running music campaigns for major or independent artists.

5. Are you compliant with Spotify's terms?
Absolutely, we are 100% compliant with Spotify's strict terms of use.

6. Can I see an example of what the ads will look like on Spotify
Below is an example of how our ads will appear (to both free and premium users). We use customized designs with cover art, animations and other unique techniques.

7. How much user activity can a single realize?
We are unable to provide estimates on metrics user activity including streams, following, sharing, and the like. It depends on the single and how well the material performs.

8. Do you target a specific audience reach for each campaign level?
Yes, you can find the different reach targets specified on the different campaign levels.

9. How do you target your Playlist stream campaigns?
We target based on different factors including genres, mood, tempo, age demographics etc.

10. Can anyone sign up? Do you review all the material?
Anyone can sign up, but, we will review all material. We decline projects that don't meet our quality standards as part of the campaign onboarding process.

11. Do stream sometimes origin from editorial playlists?
Yes, for quality projects streams can sometimes origin from editorial playlists. This means that your music are being played in-between songs from these playlists providing excellent exposure.

12. Who are some of your Clients?
Our clients range from independent to major International artists, labels, and corporations. For more info check out Our Clientsand read Case Studies.

13. How can I Sign Up?
You can easily Sign up here. We will then invite you to our Client Dashboard where you can share project details and the song link.

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