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1. How many songs can I promote?
The campaign can promote one song per month/campaign period.

2. How long will you pitch the song?
We will pitch the song to curators throughout the entire campaign period, for as long as you run the campaign (month-to-month).

3. Can you Guarantee Playlist placements?
Based on our track record we're able to secure playlist placements for most projects.

4. What type of playlists can I be featured on?
We pitch your song to relevant playlists suited to your style/genre. Our team will decide the best targeting throughout the campaign.

5. How many playlist placements can I expect
You can expect between 4-8 placements per campaign period/month

6. Do you control where a track will rank on a playlist?
No, the playlist curators decide how they rank a single on their own playlists.

7. How much user activity can a single realize?
We are unable to provide estimates on metrics/3rd party user activity including streams, following, sharing, and the like. It depends on the single and how well the material performs.

8. Do you target a specific reach for each campaign level
Yes, you can find the different reach targets specified on the different campaign levels.

9. Do you only provide genre-specific playlists?
No, we target playlists based on different factors including what type of genres they usually feature, mood, tempo, the mix of songs, etc. We don't guarantee that songs will be featured on only genre-specific playlists. In our experience, all format playlists perform well, a mixture of playlist types also works well within a campaign.

10. Can anyone sign up? Do you review all the material?
Anyone can sign up, but, we will review all material. We decline projects that don't meet our quality standards as part of the campaign onboarding process.

11. Do you have a list of playlists/curators?
There is no static list, but we have a very large network of curators. We present your material to curators that fit your project. The curators will ultimately make the final decision; we won't be able to predict playlists ahead of time.

12. Who are some of your Clients?
Our clients range from independent to major International artists, labels, and corporations. For more info check out Our Clients and read Case Studies.

13. How can I Sign Up?
You can easily Sign up here. We will then invite you to our Client Dashboard where you can share project details and the song link. 

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